Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall = Fairs, Festivals, and Fun!

Even though the 90-degree weather isn't exactly indicative of the season change, we love the Fall season around here!! For one, it's the beginning of the holiday season, which is so much more special with two little guys who get so excited about it all. It's almost like clockwork - as soon as the calendar says "First Day of Fall," we automatically start to feel all holiday-ish. In fact, Sam was feeling so festive that he even checked the XM-Radio to see if the holiday station had started yet (much to his disappointment, it hasn't yet). We also start to imagine that the weather is getting cooler and begin unpacking all of the winter clothes and jackets, knowing good and well we won't need any of them for at least another month. And while we anticipate all of the fun holiday festivities to come, one of our most favorite things about the Fall is Fairs, Festivals, and loads of Fun!! We kicked off the season by heading to Albuquerque for the New Mexico State Fair! Jaden couldn't wait to see all of the animals (and I couldn't wait for all of the fair food)!! It's also big excitement to get to stay at a hotel, which provides a second burst of energy when it's time to get ready for bed! And Nana and Papa surprised the boys and joined us at the fair the next morning!

This amazing sand sculpture was being made while we watched! It's a years worth of holidays in 150 tons of sand. Pretty incredible!

Yummy Fair Food!

At Old McDonald's Petting Zoo

Hanging with Nana.

Being silly with daddy.

Of course we had to get a bubble gun, which was well worth the price in giggles and fun!

McDonald's Farm is awesome for the kids! It's set up like a scavenger hunt with different activities to try and different things to collect on the way. The kids are given a list and bucket when they enter and have to find all of the items on the list in all of the different sections of the farm (like apples and pecans from the trees, eggs from the hen house, and vegetables from the garden). As they exit, they sort all of the items and then get a nice cold popsicle!

Twins?? Haha (my dad and Sam)

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  1. How adorable! I'm glad to see you all having a great time out and about as a family! The boys seem to have a fabulous time! Looking forward to your next adventure!!! Loving the dads as twins! so cute!