Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow on the Organs

The Coughing Cop

Sam and I both caught a nasty stomach bug, on the same day! It was completely miserable. That morning, Sam toughed it out and got the boys ready to go to the babysitter, while I lay in bed, nauseous and miserable. He tried to keep Jaden out of our room, for fear that he would catch something, but Jaden was very concerned and insisted on checking on me. So, as I tried to sleep, I hear a little voice say, "Mommy, you're sick?" I opened my eyes to see Jaden's little face about two inches away from mine (so much for no germs). I barely had the energy to answer. I said, "uh-huh." The rest of our conversation went something like this:

Jaden: "What's wrong, mommy?"
Me: "My tummy is sick."
Jaden: "Why you're sick, mommy?"
Me: "Because I caught a yucky germ."
Jaden: Sounding highly disappointed in me, "Mommm, you really need to remember to cover (your mouth) with your elbow." And after demonstrating how to do it, just in case I had forgotten since the last time he "taught" me, he said, "And daddy needs to, too."

So, according to our little coughing cop, you MUST cover your mouth, with your elbow, of course, whether you are the one doing the coughing or not!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Elijah's First Tooth!

After a lot of work, and many pictures taken, I finally got a good one of Elijah's first little tooth. It's his front, bottom, left tooth. And what a trooper he's been with the whole teething thing. I didn't even know he had a tooth coming in, he handled it so well.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of his first tooth photo shoot (please excuse the food in his mouth and all over his face :o).
Mouth's open...we're making progress...
Finally got it! See it there...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jaden's Third Birthday!

If you read my post from a few days ago, you know that our precious Jaden turned 3 on the 18th! I still can't believe he's already three!! Where has the time gone? This year, he was really excited about his birthday and would tell anybody that asked that his birthday was "Jan-ary 18" and that he would be three years old! And ever since Christmas time, he was sure that Santa would be bringing him presents for his birthday on "Jan-ary 18." Sam and I had so much fun getting everything ready the night before, anxious for him to wake up and see his birthday surprise on the morning of his special day! We planned a special breakfast, put up a birthday banner and balloons, and got his presents all wrapped. While Jaden was sound asleep, we could hardly sleep as we were so excited to see his excitement the next morning...the simple joys of parenthood!

And his excitement the next morning was absolutely priceless! He awoke to us singing "Happy Birthday" in his room, and excitedly asked, "Is it my birthday now?" He couldn't wait to go downstairs to see his "party." His eyes lit up when he saw all of the decorations and his birthday presents. And the blueberry birthday cake pancakes, covered with sprinkles, completed the special birthday morning surprise!

He later asked me, "Who made this party for me, mom?" I said "Mommy and daddy did." He said, "Wow, thank you mom and dad!" That little moment topped the cake for me. The fact that our simple preparations meant so much to him made my heart melt and I just wanted to squeeze and hug him for the rest of the day! His actual party will be later this month, and I have now learned that he thinks his friends will all be invited over to see his balloons and new toys, because, after all, that was the "party." So sweet.

We finished the day with family at "Pider" Pizza, upon request of the birthday boy!

Elijah's First Christmas

What a special Christmas it was to have Elijah in our lives this year. He is such a sweet little guy, with the most beautiful smiling eyes, full of joy and happiness. It's amazing how children have such a special way of making Christmas seem that much more special and magical, and help to remind us of the meaning of the season.

I found the lyrics to a beautiful song called "Christmas Through a Child's Eyes," which I foudn to be very fitting and I thought I'd share them. Hope you enjoy, and may you enjoy every Christmas through the eyes of a child...

Every year I'd wait for the season
Only Christmas time can bring
I thought I understood the reason
For all the parties and caroling

Every year I'd search for the meaning
Every time I'd dress the tree
Each new ornament and garland
Each decoration was all I'd see
And all that Christmas meant to me

Then someone told me Christmas is for children
And I left that behind too long ago
But now I see Christmas through a child's eyes
My new son's eyes

Now every time we ring in the season
And play a Christmas melody
I know that the moment he hears it
He'll bring Christmas back to me