Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Movie Night

One of our recent special family activities is "Friday Movie Night." It's a super fun activity and since we don't often watch movies at home, we make a HUGE deal of it. Jaden gets to pick the movie (and when Elijah's a little bit older, he will get to pick one too). Then we go to the store to get lots of fun treats, which is also a HUGE deal because (almost) nothing is off limits. Jaden gets to pick out all of the fun treats that are normally not 'allowed' at our house, which makes it an extra special event. And I have to admit that Sam and I probably take advantage of that more than Jaden does. For example, this time I insisted on the Christmas tree Little Debbie cakes; all Jaden wanted was a box of Triscuit crackers. Bue he later appreciated my choice (and so did I :o). The movie that Jaden picked was Dora's Christmas something or other, which seemed to me like it was never going to end...but he loved it, which is all that matters. It was wonderful family time spent together! And normally movie night is something that is reserved just for Jaden and mommy and daddy (for now, anyway), since he is older and we feel it important that he get that special time by himself with just us. But this time was Elijah's first time getting to be a part of it (for about 15 minutes, before his bedtime), upon request of his big brother, who really wanted Elijah to watch with him. So it was very sweet... literally --haha...


  1. Love the blanket you got spread out there! What great pictures! You do spoil the boys but they are such cuties! I'm glad you get to do those with Jaden and Elijah... brings back memories of when we did those when mom and dad went out to roncali!

  2. What a great idea! I bet your boys loved getting to have a picnic on the floor during the movie! We're going to have to try that sometime for a fun family event.

  3. what a nice idea - look like everyone had a nice time! :)