Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jaden's Third Birthday!

If you read my post from a few days ago, you know that our precious Jaden turned 3 on the 18th! I still can't believe he's already three!! Where has the time gone? This year, he was really excited about his birthday and would tell anybody that asked that his birthday was "Jan-ary 18" and that he would be three years old! And ever since Christmas time, he was sure that Santa would be bringing him presents for his birthday on "Jan-ary 18." Sam and I had so much fun getting everything ready the night before, anxious for him to wake up and see his birthday surprise on the morning of his special day! We planned a special breakfast, put up a birthday banner and balloons, and got his presents all wrapped. While Jaden was sound asleep, we could hardly sleep as we were so excited to see his excitement the next morning...the simple joys of parenthood!

And his excitement the next morning was absolutely priceless! He awoke to us singing "Happy Birthday" in his room, and excitedly asked, "Is it my birthday now?" He couldn't wait to go downstairs to see his "party." His eyes lit up when he saw all of the decorations and his birthday presents. And the blueberry birthday cake pancakes, covered with sprinkles, completed the special birthday morning surprise!

He later asked me, "Who made this party for me, mom?" I said "Mommy and daddy did." He said, "Wow, thank you mom and dad!" That little moment topped the cake for me. The fact that our simple preparations meant so much to him made my heart melt and I just wanted to squeeze and hug him for the rest of the day! His actual party will be later this month, and I have now learned that he thinks his friends will all be invited over to see his balloons and new toys, because, after all, that was the "party." So sweet.

We finished the day with family at "Pider" Pizza, upon request of the birthday boy!

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