Monday, January 25, 2010

The Coughing Cop

Sam and I both caught a nasty stomach bug, on the same day! It was completely miserable. That morning, Sam toughed it out and got the boys ready to go to the babysitter, while I lay in bed, nauseous and miserable. He tried to keep Jaden out of our room, for fear that he would catch something, but Jaden was very concerned and insisted on checking on me. So, as I tried to sleep, I hear a little voice say, "Mommy, you're sick?" I opened my eyes to see Jaden's little face about two inches away from mine (so much for no germs). I barely had the energy to answer. I said, "uh-huh." The rest of our conversation went something like this:

Jaden: "What's wrong, mommy?"
Me: "My tummy is sick."
Jaden: "Why you're sick, mommy?"
Me: "Because I caught a yucky germ."
Jaden: Sounding highly disappointed in me, "Mommm, you really need to remember to cover (your mouth) with your elbow." And after demonstrating how to do it, just in case I had forgotten since the last time he "taught" me, he said, "And daddy needs to, too."

So, according to our little coughing cop, you MUST cover your mouth, with your elbow, of course, whether you are the one doing the coughing or not!

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  1. I love that these kids have the coughing into the elbow thing down- we didn't even need to use the Germy Wormy. Lance is all over everyone over here if sees anyone coughing the "old school" way, too. I hope you are feeling better, it's never fun to be sick as a parent!