Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I think all of summer went by without a single blog post! And it's definitely not because we had a dull and uneventful summer, or due to lack of effort on my part - I've tried uploading Jaden's T-Ball pictures about four times now. In this case, I hope the fifth time's the charm!

Anyway, Jaden's been wanting to play on a baseball team pretty much since conception. Unfortunately for him, my softball days were long gone while I was pregnant, so he didn't get to play in utero. And another bummer for him - there aren't any newborn to 3 yr. old T-Ball teams in Las Cruces. When he was three years old, I remember us driving past a field where a little tiny T-Ball team was practicing and he begged us to stop and ask if he could be on the team. Sam stopped to ask, but they said he had to be four. Imagine the disappointment on my little baseball fanatic's face.

Well after recruiting me, Sam, Elijah, Nana, Papa, aunts & uncles, and any other willing participant to play on his backyard baseball team, we were all very excited when Jaden was finally elegible for the city's real T-Ball league. And nobody was more excited than he was! His team was the Dust Devil's and he was ecstatic to have a "real" uniform - jersey, cleats and all! We got to pick his jersey number, and we chose 18 because of his birthday (Jan. 18) and his idol baseball player's number (aka Uncle Jeremy).

I loved everything about T-Ball season, for us and for Jaden. I was so happy for him to finally get to do something he had been anticipating for years - literally. And I think there are so many wonderful lessons that kids can learn through organized sports or activities, like the rules of teamwork, being a grateful winner (and loser), trying their best, never giving up, and just having fun! And for me, T-Ball season felt like the beginning of a new family chapter and family traditions. I remember growing up, my brother, sister and I always had sports or other activities going on and my mom and dad were ALWAYS there in the front row - our biggest supporters - all the way until my dance performances in college. My mom said that her and my dad agreed that we could do any extracurricular activity we wanted to, and that they would be there for every game, performance, or show. And I always remember them being there. So I loved getting to start this special tradition with Jaden, and hope it's something he will remember and cherish in years to come. Who knew a simple T-Ball team could be so sentimental!

The Dust Devils - aren't they cute! Jaden's on the bottom right.

There's my little catcher! They don't really have official "positions" in T-Ball, but Jaden was the catcher for most of the games.

Batting was his favorite part of the whole game (other than snacks after). He was a really good hitter - too bad he wasn't the fastest runner. Getting tagged out broke his heart.

There's his biggest fan!! (Along with Nana and Papa, who came from El Paso for every single game)! Such a lucky boy

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