Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jaden's First Girlfriend

Sam brought the boys to visit me at school for lunch last Friday (Jaden loves any opportunity to come to mommy's school...preschool - enough said!). Jaden played, I got to feed Elijah, and we had lunch. And poor guys, I rushed them off pretty quickly because I had a student coming in for one-on-one work (and I didn't think it would look too professional if I had my two-year-old running around the classroom during that time). So Sam took Jaden to play on the little preschool playground before it was time for them to go. Meanwhile, I headed outside to pick up Ayannah and as I was walking her back to the classroom, Jaden spotted me and rushed over to see who I "traded" him in for (at least that's what I felt like he was probably thinking :o( ). But he was very excited to come over and say hi to her and they both giggled; then he ran off to play some more and we headed inside. About an hour later, Sam comes boppin' back into the building with the boys (I thought they had left long ago) and I ran into them in the crowded hallway as Jaden loudly announces, "Mom, I have a girlfriend!" I think everybody in the building heard, and everybody in the hallway definitely heard, as they turned and laughed at my little cutie, oblivious to it all! I didn't know who he was talking about; I thought maybe he met a little friend out on the playground. But then he insisted that I let him come back to the classroom with me and his "girlfriend." Aha, figured it out! My little student is Jaden's first "girlfriend." So I let him come to the classroom for a little bit, and they had their first date, singing "Old MacDonald had a Farm." And then they had their first fight, over farm animals!

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