Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Funny (and sometimes interesting) Thoughts and Sayings of a Two-Year-Old

As usual, Jaden is always on the move, always full of energy, and never allows for a dull moment. I wish I could record the things he says each and every day. He is so funny and thoughful, and is never without questions! Here's some of his latest:

"Does waterlemon have peanuts?" (translation: "watermelon")

After getting a brand new pair of tennis shoes, Jaden's sitting in the backseat admiring them, and asks, "Are these Sketchers, mom?"

"Santa's beard is soft, like a puppy."

While driving in the car one night, Jaden notices the moon outside and says, "The moon is following us!"

On the way to get bloodwork done to test for peanut allergies and Jaden says, "But I not have peanuts in my blood."

After waking up with a very puffy eye one morning, we asked Jaden what happened and he said, "A squito bit my eye and I punched him!" (complete with a demonstration of how he punched himself in the eye to kill that mosquito!).

While pointing to random cars out on the road, "I'm going to buy my daddy that car. That car is for Jaden. I'm going to buy mommy that car. And Elijah can have my little red car."

"I like tomatoes, just like my daddy."

When told that he coudn't have a cookie, "But I not want TWO cookies, I just want ONE cookie."

After getting in trouble with daddy, "I'm not daddy's friend now! I'm only mommy's friend!"

"Sasha's my buddy (Nana and Papa's dog). We not have a dog, mom! We need a pet."

Having an ice cream one day...
Jaden: "Where's your ice cream, mommy?"
Mommy: "I threw mine away because my tummy is full."
Jaden: "Oh, not me. I'm going to eat my ice cream ALL!"

We always practice watching for cars coming before we cross the street. One day, driving on a two lane road with cars passing opposite of us, Jaden says, "Cars are coming! We need to stop!"

"Let's pat-a-cake for Elijah. What letter is that?"

Bear-Bear went missing one night before bed so I asked Jaden where he was. He said, "I was just holding him, and now he's gone."

"Let's sing 'The Wheels Go Round and Round'" (The Wheels on the Bus).

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  1. Very nice Jeanette! He makes our lives very full of joy! I can't wait to hear what Elijah will say too (wont be too long).