Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elijah's Half a Year Old!

What I love about you:
  • That you're sleeping through the night (mostly)!

  • Taking road trips with you. You are such a good little travler and do really well in the car.

  • How adorable you looked when you ate your rice cereal and avocado for the first time.

  • Your big, beautiful smiling eyes.

  • How adorable you looked all bundled up in your winter clothes for our Albuquerque trip. You may not get too much use out of them at home, so it was fun to see you in them at least once this season.

  • Watching you grow and develop. It's amazing to watch you learn new things and to show your sweet little personality.

  • How you adore your big brother. You just love him so much! And it's so sweet to watch Jaden love you and want to help do things to take care of you. And he absolutely loves giving you kisses and can't wait for you to start playing ball with him.

  • The way you suck your thumb, which is super cute right now.

  • Seeing you sit up all by yourself.

  • How easy going and fun you are.

  • Watching you and your cousin Aubrey play together.

  • Bathtime! It's such a special part of our day and you love it so much!

  • The way you snuggle with me and lay your head down on my shoulder when you are sleepy.

  • That we have lots of family close by who get to see you often and love all over you too!

  • Being a family of four! It's so wonderful having you as a part of our family!

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