Monday, November 23, 2009

More Funny Thoughs and Sayings of a Two (and 3/4) Year Old

I absolutely love hearing the new things that Jaden says. Every day, there is something new! I am constantly amazed at the things he comes up with and all that he knows.

While eating a bowl of blueberries...
"Here's five blueberries for you, mom."
"Wait, I want one." (takes the bowl back)
"Okay, here you go mom," (hands me empty bowl).
"I ate them all."

While riding in the car one night...
"I not can't see mommy and daddy. I just need one light on."

After mommy tried (and was unsuccessful) at opening a container...
"How you open this, Beto?"
Uncle Beto opened it.
"That's how you do it, mom."

Teaching me how to do the UT Longhorns sign:
"You just put your two fingers like this, and say 'Hook 'em'."

While waiting for daddy to finish getting his hair cut, I was looking at a Glamour magazine. On the front cover was a picture of Gwen Stefani wearing a winter sweater...
"That book is cold, mom?"

"I think my friends liked my new shirt."

"Some boys say bad words...not me."

"I really want a Barbie, mom."

After noticing a motorcyclist driving one day...
"I want a big motorcycle when I get big...and a helmet. Not like that boy's. That's too little."

"The moon's down! It's wake-up time!"

While eating M&M's...
"These have numbers on them."

When the Taylor Swift song "You Belong to Me" came on the radio...
"I don't like that song, 'I Wear T-Shirts.'"

While Sam and I were talking...
"Excuse me, mommy...Lijah's sleeping."

"Mommy Maru said we need to cough on our elbow."

After Papa coughed and covered with his hand...
"Papa, you need to cough like this (demonstrated coughing and covering with his elbow), not like this (demonstrated coughing and covering with his hand)."

While driving over Trans Mountain, on the way back to Las Cruces from El Paso...
Jaden: "Let's be careful, mom. Are we going too fast?"
Me: "No"
Jaden: "Are we going too slow?"
Me: "Nope"
Jaden: "That would be bad...." "Then what are we going?"
Me: "We are going just right!"

"Bear bear is at home waiting for me to go to bed and read two stories."

While eating strawberries...
Jaden: "Mmmmm strawberry."
"Say strawberry with me, mom."
Me and Jaden: "Strawberry."
Jaden: "See, we all said it!"

We couldn't wait to hear Christmas music on the radio and when we first turned it on, "Santa Baby" was playing. Jaden carefully listened to the words, and said, "That girl said Santa baby. Babies only crawl, not walk. Santa can walk. He's a big boy, not a baby."

Me: "What should we eat for dinner, Jaden? Any suggestions?"
Jaden: "Yea, we could eat gestions."

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  1. I'm over my head with this!!! what a cutie! Where does he get those things???? Barbies? guestions? I gotta say this, more more more! even I can't understand little kids talk, just seeing it on here, on paper, in words, oh my goodness! i just wish I could hear better these days cuz kids say the darnest things! can't wait to hear (or see) what "Lijah" may say as well soon!