Friday, July 23, 2010

Backseat Traffic Cop

Whenever we are in the car, Sam and I are so lucky to have our very own traffic cop on board, sitting right in the back seat. Jaden definitely keeps us in line and makes sure we are following the rules of the road at all times. Who needs red light cameras when you've got a three-year-old making sure you stop on red; and he's got tickets ready to hand out, if necessary. Here's some of what we hear from our little backseat traffic cop:

"Mom, the light is red up there. You should start to slow down."

J: "Dad, did you see that red light that you just passed?"
S: "It was a yellow light that turned red."
J: "But yellow means that you are supposed to slow down."

"Why are all the cars not going and the light is green?" (Then I had to explain that it just takes everybody just a minute to move their foot from the brake to the gas to get going again....geez.)

"Are we going too fast?... Are we going too slow?... Are we going the right fast?"

"Are those cars speeding? I think the police are going to give them a ticket. But not us because we're not going too fast, right mom?"

"Are we going the right way? I think we are supposed to go the other way."

"Why is everybody going so slow?... Why are we stopping?" (FYI: construction)

"Mom, there are two red lights up there, so we will have to stop two times."

"Don't go until the light turns to green."

"What number does that sign say about how fast we can go?" (He's always keeping an eye on speed limit signs).

By the way it sounds, you'd think we've had several run-ins with the law! But I assure you, we have not. And I hope our little backseat traffic cop continues to keep us safe on the road!

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  1. Lance does the SAME thing. The minute we slow down for something he wants to know what it is, accident, construction, etc. We talk about other cars and my own driving most of the trip. He has to know the reason if someone knocks near me (if I caused it) and the reason why I would honk at someone else. It cracks me up!