Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer, Swings & Ice Cream

Whose bright idea was it to go to the park right smack in the middle of a 100+ degree afternoon?? Oh yea, that'd be ME. And the boys couldn't have agreed more. They thought it was a grand idea too! Unfortunately the slides, tunnels, monkey bars - okay, just about everything - was too hot to play on (like I said, bright idea). But the swings were like baby bear's porridge...just right! And who doesn't love a good ride on the swings? They would have stayed on those swings for hours; don't worry, I didn't let them. We stayed just long enough to get a good dose of Vitamin D and tire the boys out for naps...but not before stopping for an extra special summer treat.

Such disappointment that the swings came to a final hault (or maybe it's exhaustion?).
And we finished off the afternoon with with cherry topped Dilly Bars (and snoozing boys in the backseat by the time we got home)!

We love summer!

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