Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amigo Airsho

The Amigo Airsho is one of our favorite October events here, especially having two little guys who absolutely love airplanes! The shows that the different airplanes put on are absolutely mesmerizing and have a way of making us feel overwhelmingly prideful of this amazing country we live in! In addition to all of the airplanes, Jaden was definitely in awe of all of the soldiers that he saw and must have pointed out every single one.

At last year's show, we got to see the stealth bomber fly, which was amazing, and amazingly loud! Jaden liked it from a distance but was terrified by the noise. This year, he kept reminding me that he's bigger now ("I'm four now," he kept telling me - Even though he knows he's still 3 for a little bit longer, he's insistent that we should just say he's 4 already). And along with being "4" comes an immunity to insanely loud airplanes. So since I didn't have to worry about Jaden, I tried to get Elijah to keep earplugs in his ears before the Thunderbird's show began. He wasn't having it, so I left him unplugged and figured that the Thunderbirds probably wouldn't be too loud. Boy was I wrong! My mom and I jumped out of our skin when we heard the loud rumble of the jets as they flew by, but not Elijah. When he heard the jets, he started... dancing! Now I know there isn't a noise that little boy won't dance to! Both boys loved the show and I enjoyed the time together with family.

Jaden had to take every plane he owns with him to the Airsho and whenever we saw a plane flying, he'd fumble through his bag to find a plane that resembled it the closest, and then imitated the airplanes actions with his own plane.

The Thunderbirds Show

The boys got to take a picture with one of the paratroopers. You can imagine that was the highlight of Jaden's day. Elijah was just happy to have his socks and shoes off!

Airplanes up close!

These two cuties had so much fun!

Here are a couple of videos I took at the Airsho. (Too bad I didn't get Elijah dancing).

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