Sunday, December 5, 2010

Disney on Ice - Let's Celebrate!

I've been awaiting an opportunity to go to Disney on Ice and when their "Let's Celebrate" tour was headed to El Paso this fall, I had two perfect reasons to go - Jaden and Elijah!! I've never been, so I was just as excited as they were. I have always enjoyed live performances, and I think that the addition of ice skates made this so much more entertaining and magical. It was like a party on ice as they celebrated several different occasions and we had such a wonderful time! Thankfully, Buzz and Woody made an appearance at the end, which was the cherry on top for Jaden!

The show opened with the Dancing Broomsticks. This was Sam's favorite part and he must have You-Tubed this scene from the show for a month after. (And if you're curious yourself, here's a You-Tube video of this scene of the show: Let's Celebrate).


Love/Valentine's Day


Chinese New Year

Mardi Gras


And Jaden doesn't know, but this was just the beginning of more Disney fun to come! (On Friday we are headed to Disney World!! -- shhh, it's a secret!)

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  1. Love your blog! The pictures are awesome...thanks for listing Littlestorybug on your blog. I appreciate it. Ms. Tracey