Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Goldfish Colors", Minus the Artificial Colors

When we go grocery shopping, my little helper has gotten into checking the labels on products like I do; not becasue he can read them, but becasue he is hoping that I will tell him the pack of cookies or fruit snacks he wants is in fact sugar free! Unfortunately for him, that happens very rarely. He has even become a bit frustrated with the manufacturers. Today he said, "That's not very nice of them! They should make some stuff that doesn't have too much sugar."

While we were out shopping today, Jaden picked up a pack of the colored Goldfish crackers and asked if we could get them. My immediate response was no, mainly because I try to avoid products that have artificial coloring as much as possible. And with the name Goldfish Colors, it's pretty much a guarantee that there's a whole rainbow of colors listed on the ingredient label.

But today, I was pleasantly surprised to see this advertised on the package!

Now the ingredient label includes beet juice and watermelon juice for color! Jaden was thrilled when I turned my no into a yes, he almost couldn't believe it! He looked at the package and said, "So this doesn't have a lot of sugar?!" And they taste great too!

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