Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Season Part 2: Pictures with Santa

I was so excited when Jaden actually said "yes" to taking pictures with Santa this year! We were already out and about; otherwise I would have planned outfits that were a little more Christmas-y. But I didn't want to risk Jaden changing his mind if we decided to wait and do it another day, so we just went for it. And of course when we got there, all of the other little kids were all done up in their adorable Christmas outfits, down to the detail, and hair perfectly combed - as you can see by the picture, we obviously didn't have a comb to fix Elijah's hair and spit just wasn't doing the trick. Oh well, they're adorable anyway! And they both willingly sat with him (and later cousin Aubrey joined them) without a single tear!

Funny Story: As we were getting out of the car in the parking lot at the mall, I saw a rather homely looking, white bearded older man walking into the mall. I jokingly whispered to Sam that he just might be Santa. And just as we got in line for our pictures, the current Santa was getting up to "take a break." About 15 minutes later, lo and behold, the parking lot Santa arrives and takes over the job! Good thing he cleans up well! He turned out to be a very nice looking Santa I thought.

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