Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holiday Season Part 3: Letters from Santa

After visiting Santa at the mall, the boys were surprised with letters from Santa that came in the mail, straight from the North Pole! Fortunately for Jaden, he can't read yet so he doesn't know that the envelope reads El Paso, TX as the place they were sent from - thanks to our real-life secret Santa's, Nana and Papa!

Elijah was napping when the mail arrived, but I just couldn't wait to share Jaden's with him. I knew he'd appreciate it more than Elijah would anyway. He's at that awesome age where this is all so magical and exciting to him, which you can clearly see in his facial expressions in the pictures!

Santa must know how much he loves stickers!

He was so proud of his letter! The most surprising part for him was when Santa mentioned one of his buddy's names in the letter. As I read it to him, he gasped and looked up at me in disbelief and couldn't wait to tell his friend Seth that Santa said "hello."

The adorable letters and stickers that a very thoughtful and loving Mr. and Mrs. Nana and Papa Clause sent.

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