Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day!

It's very, very rare for us to get snow here. Throughout the winter, we either experience 70-degree weather; or get a major meteorologist report warning us of a big snowstorm coming in overnight, and then wake up to another 70-degree day! So when every news channel was warning us about a major snowstorm approaching, I thought we may get a light powdered sugar-like dusting with all evidence gone by morning. And boy was I wrong!

The snow started late in the afternoon on Tuesday and it just kept falling...and falling! I was tempted to wake the boys up from their naps for fear they would miss it it all if I didn't; but when it started to stick, I decided they could sleep. But I was excited and I couldn't wait for them to see! By the next morning, the amount of snow on the ground was unbelievable! It was a beautiful sight to see! We couldn't wait to get bundled up and go outside to play!

All bundled up and ready to go.

Jaden and Elijah braving the snow! They loved it so much and didn't want to come back inside. Jaden was ready to bring out every toy from the playroom

Jaden made a snow angel.

My adorable snow babies having fun in the snow!

Snowball fight!! Jaden's favorite part of the day! (I'm not sure if Elijah was the thrower or receiver in the picture below, but either way, he was a good sport about it!).

Snow castles, tractors, and tunnels are also fun in the snow! The boys had "snow" much fun (corny, but I wouldn't be a preschool teacher if I didn't say it - haha!).
The upside to the snow, other than us actually having some, was that we had three days off of school! The downside to all of this snow was that our little city practically shut down! Apparrently I'm not the only one who didn't believe the meteorologist reports - the entire city was unprepared! There were blackouts galore, water shortages, and busted pipes all over the city. When we finally left the house on Friday to go to a restaurant, the waitress kindly informed us that they were expecting a rolling blackout to hit in twenty minutes. fast!

The water fountain outside the restaurant was completely frozen. Jaden was anxious to get a closer look. Doesn't it look neat!

We ended our snow filled week with a movie night and ice cold ice cream! And there was enough snow still on the ground to play again tomorrow!

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