Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haircut Time!

Elijah has the most beautiful head of curly hair that gets him quite a bit of attention anywhere he goes. I have trimmed it several times just to keep it from getting too wild, but I swore I wouldn't cut it for a long time for fear that his precious curls would be gone forever! But after Sam couldn't handle him constantly being mistaken for a girl, he begged me to take Lijah to get his hair cut. I told him I'd just trim it again, no problem! But Sam was adamant and even went as far as Googling pictures of the hairstyle he thought would be perfect for our 18-month-old (let me just add that he doesn't have the ultimate say, but he liked feeling like he did :)!). So while he was out of town for work, I took the boys to a kid's haircut place in El Paso and Elijah got his first real haircut.

This place was so much fun! There were toys for the kids to play with while they waited and Jaden even got to blow bubbles while getting his hair cut!

I'm cringing inside as Elijah's hair is about to be chopped off. He's as happy as can be!

The final results...I think daddy will be pleased!

Here's a little video I got of Elijah getting his hair cut. He was entirely too busy eating a lollipop and watching Yo Gabba Gabba to pay any attention to me. But he didn't mind getting his hair cut at all!


  1. What handsome boys! I dunno what Sam was thinking, Lijah as a girl?!?!? I always saw him as a cutie pie with such beautiful hair! But I love the end results. Such handsome boys! Kisses for me please! Miss you guys!