Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Papa Sam

I recently had to take a little break from my blog... On March 28th, our lives were turned upside down as Sam and I found ourselves unexpecteldy standing by his father's bedside offering our final goodbye's. I've attempted to return to my blog several times since then, but it has brought tears to my eyes every time, including now. "Papa Sam" was my biggest blog fan and it breaks my heart to know that he will never again read the words posted here, or that I won't receive another phone call from him commenting on one of my posts or asking when the next post will be added. I could almost guarantee that shortly after publishing any post, I would either receive a phone call or email from him telling me how much he loved reading about his "babies," Jaden and Elijah. He loved his family more than anything and always made that known to each one of us. Papa Sam and was just an incredible human being, often described by others as "larger than life." There is so much that I could say about him, as the memories are endless, but I just can't bring myself to put it into words yet. I miss him so much. For now, I thought I'd honor him and his memory by sharing some of our favorite photos of him.

Sam's family - celebrating Sam's birthday at Cook's in El Paso.

Me and Papa Sam

Papa Sam and his three sisters.

Papa Sam and Shirley - spring break trip to Las Vegas when Sam and I got engaged

Sam's mom and dad with us on our wedding day

One of my favorite pictures with one of my favorite people

Sam and his dad on our wedding day

Sam, his brother Bengy and nephew Ben, and Papa Sam - at our wedding

The whole Cordova clan

Sam and his dad - at a New Year's Eve party in El Paso

Proud grandpa, "Papa Sam" - the day Jaden was born

Papa Sam, Mom, Dad, Sam, Grandma O'Brien, Jaden, me, and Grandpa O'Brien - celebrating Grandma's birthday

Papa Sam admiring baby Jaden

A picture that we always laughed about - Jaden giving Papa Sam the "bird"

Precious picture of sleepy Jaden and sleepy Papa - when Jaden was a baby, my mom and dad and Sam's dad took turns taking care of Jaden each day when I had to start back to work. I came home one day to them both sleeping in the rocking chair by the window

Papa Sam and Jaden - helping Papa blow out his candle

Papa Sam and Jaden - talkin'

Grandpa O'Brien, John, Beto, Jason w/ Jaden, Sam, Bengy, Justin, Sammy w/Lance, Dad, and Papa Sam - Christmas 2007

Sam, Jaden, Papa Sam, and Bengy - at the wine festival

Papa Sam and Elijah - Christmas morning 2009

Papa Sam and Aubrey - Christmas morning 2009

Papa Sam and Elijah - at Elijah's first birthday party

Papa Sam, Sam, and Elijah - at the Space Museum in Alamogordo, NM

Papa Sam and Jaden - at the air show

Papa Sam, Bengy, Me, Elijah, Sam, and Jaden - Family Christmas photo

Papa Sam, Jaden and Elijah - visiting Papa Sam while he was at the rehab hospital in El Paso (one of the last times the boys got to see their beloved Papa)

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  1. My condolences to you and Sam,Jeanette. Im sure he would of loved your tribute to him. May god bless you and your family.