Friday, May 6, 2011

Bath Time for the Lovies!

I've got some blog catching up to do! This is one that's been on my "to be posted" list for a while now...

Jaden and Elijah each have their own favorite "lovie" blanket that they carry around, sleep with, and pretty much keep close tabs on at all times. Getting those things into the washing machine is next to impossible! Finally one day, it just had to be done, so I decided to turn it into what I thought would be a fun experience for all. I let the boys put their blankets in the washer themselves, let them help add the soap, and even let them have front row seating to watch the show. Sounded like a fun time to me!

But Jaden was very, very nervous about it and I couldn't figure out why. Finally he told me that he didn't want his Bear Bear to shrink like daddy's sweater did (Sam had a wool sweater that apparently wasn't supposed to go in the dryer - it went in a size 2X and came out a size 5T...literally)! So poor Jaden was very paranoid and watched that bear like a hawk the entire time just to make sure it didn't come out the size of a cotton ball.

And Elijah...well, let's just say he made that 40 minute wash cycle seem like an eternity! He was mesmerized by the spin cycle for the first minute or two, but after that he was done being separated from his froggy and he wanted him NOW! He cried and cried, but would not let me take him away from the washing machine. See how well my fun plan worked out!
But in the end, two animal blankets were fresh and clean, none were harmed in the process, and two little guys (and their mama) were ready for naps! (And I know you're wondering, so for the record, this was not the first time their lovies had ever had a wash - Just the first time I wasn't able to sneak them away unnoticed).

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