Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Elijah's 4 Months Old!

What I love about you:
  • Your eyelashes - they are getting so long.

  • The way you are trying so hard to roll over from your back to your tummy. You've only made it about half way so far.

  • Your wonderful smile! You are such a happy baby.

  • The way you tell stories - you just talk and talk whenever others talk to you.

  • The way your little hand clings to my shirt whenever you fall asleep in my arms.

  • The loud, high-pitched scream you have discovered. You don't do it because you are mad, you do it just because.

  • When you fall asleep all by yourself.

  • The way your hair curls on top of your head.

  • Your laughter. We can tickle you under your arms or on your tummy and you just giggle!

  • Your drooly, bubbly lip.

  • The way you are so mesmerized when watching your big brother. Your eyes just light up whenever you see him.

  • That you were such a wonderful little traveler on our first road trip with you.

  • Seeing you sit up in your BebePod and play.

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