Sunday, August 30, 2009

More San Diego Pictures

I never finished posting the pictures from our San Diego trip. There were just too many pictures to post all at once, so I will post them in groups, as I am patient enough to wait for 20-somethin' pictures to load.

These pictures are from our wonderful day at the beach - Coronado Island. The Coronado Bridge gave me butterflies in my stomach! I was so nervous, but it was amazing. As Sam drove, I begged him not to even think of looking anywhere but straight ahead. The beach was absolutely beautiful. The weather was great, the water was freezing, the sand was so soft, AND and we saw dolphins (didn't get a picture of them, though). The sound of the crashing waves, plus the ocean breeze put Elijah right to sleep. Hey, maybe that's what we need at "ocean breeze" machine. We've already got a sound machine that we turn on while Elijah's sleeping. Maybe if we had the "breeze" to go with it, Elijah would sleep through the night!!?? Or would that be like having a fan...nevermind, already have that. No such luck.
Sea World pictures still to come...

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  1. you are gonna have to get some coronado sand for jaden, he loved to play in it as well as have it for a little afternoon snack!! when he gets a little older, im gonna have to ask him why he liked to eat it so much...