Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Vacation as a Family of Four

We recently took our first road trip as a family of four! What an adventure! We left late Thursday afternoon and drove to Tucson, AZ. Oddly, the boys are not good night time travelers. I thought they'd just sleep, but nope. Not these boys. When Jaden falls asleep in the car at night time and wakes up to realize that he is not in bed, he is not a happy camper! And when it's after 7pm and Elijah is not in his bed, he is not a happy camper! So on the way to Tucson, my poor mom was sitting in the backseat with two unhappy campers! Her comment was, "Why didn't we fly??" But after that first evening, the rest of our travels were during the day, for the most part, and the boys became very good little travelers! We drove all the way to Oceanside/San Diego, CA. Jaden did great in the car, thanks to a little invention called the portable DVD player (and Barney). And Elijah did great as long as he could see me sitting next to him at all times. After all that driving, we spent a short 3 1/2 days in California visiting with our cousins, Becky and Beto. Then we drove to Phoenix and spent a day with some of our friends and their little boy there. It wasn't long enough at all, but we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! I took about a million pictures, so here are just a few!

My two sweet little travelers.

My mom, myself, Elijah, Sam, Jaden, Becky and Beto at Joe's Crab Shack on the Oceanside Harbor.

Legoland California

Washington DC made out of Legos in "Minitown" at Legoland.

Las Vegas made out of Legos in "Minitown" at Legoland.

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