Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jaden Got Mail!

As part of their usual routine, Sam takes Jaden with him to get the mail everyday -- granted the mailbox is only three houses away, but it's very exciting to a three-year-old who loves any kind of "daddy time." He always wants to know which item is his in the big stack of junk mail and bills, and as much as I would love to give him all the bills and let him take care of those, I don't think that using them for cutting practice or painting projects will keep the electricity on. So lucky for him, I frequently get classroom supply magazines or stickers and such, and those are his "mail." Until the other day, when he really did get his very own piece of mail! And he knew it was his because it was addressed to HIM! (And I think it's possible that every other person in our neighborhood also knew that Jaden had gotten mail because of his extremely outward expression of excitement... AKA jumping up and down and screaming his head off!!) He got a letter from his cousin Lance in San Antonio and he could not wait to open it; actually, he had mevverify a thousand times that it was in fact his name and address on the envelope! As you can see by the pictures, he was so thrilled! Thanks cousin Lance for making Jaden's day!!


  1. Oh my! Cutest pictures, he looks so excited. Lance gets that excited about mail and we do the same thing. He has a pile of junk mail, friends birthday invites, birth announcements, etc. in his room so he can feel important. Man, wish these sweet boys could hang out more.

  2. I know, me too! They would just have so much fun together and would be permanent buddies! Loved talking to you yesterday! Will have to do that more often.

    P.S.-I adjusted the exposure of that first picture as much as I could to hide the obvious!

  3. Awww how cute! Looks like I'll have to send a post card from Mickey! :-P