Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Backseat Play-by-Play

While we are in the car, I often take advantage of Jaden's full view of Elijah to keep me posted on what he's doing. Today I asked Jaden the simple question, "What's Elijah doing?" and it quickly turned into a detailed play-by-play, sounding something like this:

"Lijah's sleeping, mom."

"Lijah woke up, mom."

"Lijah's looking at me, mom!"

"Lijah's pacifier's gone, mom."

"Lijah's crying, mom."

"Lijah wants mommy."

"Lijah's happy now, mom."

"Lijah spit, mom."

"Lijah's eating his hand, like this, mom (complete with a full demonstration)"

"Lijah's sleeping again, mom."

Boy was that a looong car ride!


  1. How funny! Just a fabulous episode of Kids do the Darnest Things: Nettie's Edition!

  2. haha i love this one! i cant believe how fast Jaden is growing up! its so crazy (in a good way) how he is so observant and alert and knows whats going on at all times. so cute!