Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend, full of family and fun! We took Jaden to his first "amusement park" on Friday (the "amusement park" was Western Playland...anybody from El Paso understands). It's definitely no Disneyland or Six Flags, but it was perfect for Jaden's first time. He was very hesitant about riding on any of the rides at first, but once he got the hang of it, he became a quick pro, maybe even a little too ambitious when he wanted to try the roller coaster. The best part about it was kids 2 and under ride for free! The worst part about it was we went in the evening and the mosquitos were AWFUL, so my sister and I had to go wait in the car with our babies while the boys enjoyed the rides. We then spent Saturday having fun with family. We got to see some of our aunts, uncles, and cousins who were visiting from San Antonio and Dallas. Jaden loved playing with his cousin Lance. They had so much fun together and he's been asking for him ever since. And Elijah enjoyed being held, passed around, and bounced on the big bouncy exercise ball whenever he got fussy. The rest of the weekend included a birthday party and more get-togethers! Very fun!

Aubrey and Elijah ready for Western Playland.

Jaden picked the bus for his first ride...

then the car...

then the motorcycle...

and finally the fire truck. There was practically nobody else there, so the poor ride attendant had to keep stopping the ride just so Jaden could switch cars, then start it up again.

Elijah and Nana.

Elijah getting kisses from his Great Grandpa.

Carli holding Elijah.

Lance and Jaden having fun jumping and bouncing.

Sweet Lainey with her bright blue eyes!

There's precious baby Aubrey.

Aubrey with Aunt Melissa and Elijah with Carli (on the bouncy ball...must have been fussing).

It looks like the bouncy ball was successful!

Jaden had fun swimming with Uncle Beto and the rest of the guys

Water volleyball.

These poor boys were starving after swimming.

Aunt Nancy figured out a fun ride for Lainey. Jaden decided to hop on too!

And then they all thought it would be fun to ride together...not sure Lainey agreed.

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  1. Aww, those are so cute! Yes, I do want the copies you have. We had a lot of fun together!