Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bye Becky and Beto

Our newlywed cousins, Becky and Beto, are moving to Oceanside :o(. Beto just returned from Iraq and now he and Becky will be starting their new married life in sunny California! We got to see them on Saturday, one last time before the big move. It's so sad to see them go. Becky and her two sisters, and my sister and I have all grown up together. We've always been like best friends. And not having Becky here will feel incomplete. Even though I'm not in the same city as all of them, I'm only 45 minutes away; close enought to make it for all of the family get togethers and events. I don't think Becky can make the 9 hour drive for every holiday and get together...or can you Beck?? And her husband Beto has become such a great friend of ours. He fits right in with these goofy guys and is just so much fun to be around. And he and Jaden (Beto's little Superman) were fast friends! It's too bad we didn't get to do more game nights before the big move. But don't worry you two, we'll be taking a trip to Oceanside very soon!!

The happy couple, Beto and Becky.

Krystal, Melissa, Jaden, Becky, Beto, and Sam.

The Bejarano's and Cordova's.

Three very goofy guys!

It took forever to finally get a decent picture of these three.

The whole group, one last time before Becky and Beto move. Wouldn't that be fun if we ALL went to Oceanside and stayed at their apartment!!

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  1. aw this one made me cry, seriously! i love these pictures, i need copies!! it would be fun if everyone came to stay with could work!!