Friday, July 17, 2009

Elijah's 3 Months Old!

What I love about you:

  • Your big, brown, beautiful eyes!

  • The way you laugh in your sleep.

  • Your shy, quiet smile.

  • The adorable rolls of fat on your thighs.
  • The way you love to coo and talk.

  • Your perfectly kissable chubby cheeks.
  • How you love to watch your big brother and let him kiss, tickle, and play with you.
  • The way you clasp your hands together and suck on your fists.

  • How adorable you look in your duck bath robe.
  • Your calm, easy-going personality.
  • How precious you look when you are sleeping.

  • I Love You Lijah Bear!

    1 comment:

    1. What a cutie!!! He's growing cute and adorable! I cannot wait to see what he does just like Jaden! He is in for an adventure! Love you too Elijah!