Friday, July 24, 2009

Future Aspirations

It's official! At two years old, Jaden has decided what he wants to do when he "gets bigger." He wants to be a cowboy! But not just any cowboy...a Farmer Cowboy. You're probably wondering where he came up with such an idea. Well, for the most part, he decided this while looking out the backseat window as we drive to his babysitter's house each day. It is the most beautiful drive along the backroads of Las Cruces. There are farms with animals, crops growing, and of course, tractors! As we are in the car, we talk about the different crops and what they are - corn, chile, onions, cabbage, cotton... And we name all of the different animals - horses, cows, calves, sheep, goats, ducks, donkeys... Very educational! One day we saw a real-life cowboy, riding his horse along the side of the road. Jaden said, "I wanna do dat!" I asked him, "You want to be a cowboy?" He said "Yea, like this, 'Yee-haw!'", while twirling his pretend lasso in the air. And the next day, we saw a farmer driving his tractor across the field. Jaden said, "I wanna do dat...I wanna be a Farmer Cowboy!" There you have it. He's got it all figured out!

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