Thursday, July 30, 2009

Santa Drives a Semi

Way back in January or so, after the thrills of Santa and Christmas, Jaden was wondering what the heck happened to Santa - where did he go? when will he come back? why did we put our santa stuff away? So one day, as we were driving to El Paso, we passed a semi truck. As we passed, I happened to notice that the driver was a jolly man with white hair and a white beard. My first thought, of course, was "Santa!" So I quickly pointed him out to Jaden and watched in the rearview mirror as he anxiously looked up out of the backseat window and waited to see the driver of the semi truck. His eyes lit up when he got a glimpse of the semi-driving Santa. He smiled and gasped as he said, "That's Santa!"

Well, that was many months ago, and Jaden is still looking for Santa in every single semi truck that we pass. The other day, as we were driving to El Paso, we were passing several semi's and as we approached each one, Jaden said "I need to see Santa." He anxiously looked up out of his window and waited. And after passing each one, his face dropped in disappointment, "I not see Santa again." I'm just sure that one of these days his efforts will pay off and we will pass that semi-driving Santa again. There's gotta be more than one, right??

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