Monday, December 7, 2009

Halloween Costume Dilema(s)!

Jaden was super excited about Halloween this year! Even though he does not like to be within 10 feet of anything in a costume, he was super excited to wear one. And in years past, I was able to pick out a cute, fluffy, soft, cuddly costume for him to wear (Nemo his first year, and Goofy last year). But I knew that would not work this year. I knew that if he didn't get to pick out his own costume, there would a 99% chance of him flat out refusing to wear the costume of my choice. So we looked through a Halloween costume magazine together, trying to get an idea of what he'd like to be. We got to the page with superhero costumes, he had his mind made up! He was going to be Superman... or Batman... or maybe Flash.... or Captain America. He couldn't pick which one, but he definitely knew he would be a superhero. He hurried to the kitchen for a dish towel to use as a cape, and that was just the beginning of his superhero-ness... He continued to looked through the magazine several times a day just to look at the page with the superhero costumes.

But since Jaden couldn't decide which superhero he wanted to be, I decided to sell him on Spiderman because, naturally, I wanted him and Elijah to coordniate, and for Elijah's first Halloween, I could pick him out something cute, fluffy, soft, and cuddly! And I had seen the most adorable spider costume in the magazine, which would go perfect with Jaden's Spiderman costume!

When I finally got around to ordering the costume for Jaden, apparrently it was too late and every other child who was the same size as Jaden was going to be wearing that toddler muscle Spiderman costume for Halloween this year because it was sold out everyhere - and I mean EVERYWHERE! I am a born researcher, so I searched and searched over 100 websites for that costume and every single one said "sold out" or "currently unavailable" (except for those few that had it and were trying to sell it for a cheap $500 to those desperate parents like me)! But I didn't want it that bad, well actually I did, but it wouldn't have shipped on time (haha, not really! There is no way! No matter how much I love my Jaden!). But I was super bummed because Jaden wanted to be Spiderman so bad! And now what would Elijah be if Jaden were Captain America? - a flag?? How about Flash? - a lightning bolt?? See what I mean, not exactly the cute, fluffy, soft, and cuddly I had in mind.

So then I got to thinking that a baby bat wouldn't be too bad, if I could find the right costume. And Jaden could be Batman (as long as it had a cape, I was sure he'd be happy). So I started my research again and found an adorable baby bat costume and a coordinating toddler muscle Batman costume. Perfecto! I placed my order and was so excited about the new costumes! And within two days, Elijah's baby bat costume had arrived - a little big, but adorable (for a bat, anyway). Over the next few days, I waited... and waited... and waited for the Batman costume to arrive...but it never did. It started to be cutting it close to Halloween, and I was getting worried, so I checked the status of my order, and low and behold, I had an email notification letting me know that the order was cancelled because the costume became unavailable! WHAT!! I couldn't believe it! (I immediately sent an email notification back to the company expressing my dissatisfaction regarding their lack of effort to notify me sooner)!

Now back to square one :(. So a few nights before Halloween, I was driving all over town trying to find a Batman costume (or something -- really anything at this point), while my mom and sister were driving all over El Paso doing the same thing. None of us could find a Batman costume anywhere. How about a firefighter and Elijah could be a dalmation? Super cute, but I just kept thinking of how much Jaden was looking forward to being a superhero and how I had let him down by not ordering the costume sooner!

So I decided to ask around to see if any friends happened to have a Spiderman or Batman costume, but no luck. Then my sister called me and let me know that one of her co-workers had a black muscle Spiderman costume in Jaden's size that he could wear! Score!! I knew he'd love it! The only problem was he would be Spiderman, while Elijah was a baby bat. So much for my coordinating plan - but actually, they were both black, so there! Perfectly coordinated!

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