Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful for Family

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving in El Paso with our families, and were truly thankful to all be together. Having our family, love, and health are such a blessing, especially during these tough economic times. This Thanksgiving I was so grateful to have my two precious boys and wonderful husband, and to be surrounded by people we love.

Elijah's yummy first Thanksgiving dinner that mommy made - chicken with sweet potatoes and grapes.

Elijah has a full tummy.
Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Sheila and Gordon.
Jaden checking out the turkey poker thing (I'm sure that's exactly what it's called).

Brothers - Sam and Bengy.

Jaden demonstrating his ball magic trick. When he puts the pink ball into the yellow container, it magically turns orange! He was so proud of his trick.

Carli, Melissa, and Aubrey.

Aubrey with her Great Grandpa.

Melissa injecting the turkey!

Aubrey and Elijah playing together.

Jaden and Aubrey playing chase.

The guys in need of massages at the end of a food-filled day!


  1. wow Elijah look exactly like you- especially the ones of him and Aubrey playing together on the couch. :) Glad you had a happy turkey day!

  2. I agree with Emily! He definitely looks like you as when you were a baby! What a pair of cuties! I'm thankful for you all!!!