Monday, December 14, 2009

SNOW...In Las Cruces!!

Snow is an extremely rare occurrence around here! And when it does happen, it is hugely exciting! Even the tiniest flurry is worthy of a celebration! The last time I remember there being a notable amount of snow was January 18, 2007 -- the day I was in the hospital delivering Jaden! It's been a while!! So when we got snow twice in one week, right at the beginning of December, it was obviously EXCITING! I think every store in town rushed to remove the bathing suits from their shelves in exchange for winter gear; while every person in town rushed out to the stores to clear their shelves of every last coat, scarf, glove, and hat (seeing how the temperature was nearly up in the 70s just the week before!)! And while most other places would cancel school due to serious snow storms, blizzards, and freezing...we didn't want to take a chance! A couple inches was worthy of a snow day for us! And I'm not complaining one bit! It was so much fun getting to enjoy the snow at home with the boys. Jaden could have played outside in it all day long, and Elijah didn't mind it too much either! We definitely enjoyed it while it lasted, because we may not see it again for another few years! (Please bear with the 500 pictures - did I mention how EXCITING it was??).

The night the snow started...

And the morning after...

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