Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snowballs...To Throw or Not to Throw?

If you read my previous post, then you know that we got snow in Las Cruces (yes, in Las Cruces)!! Well, here's a funny story that came about due to the snow...

On the day of our "huge" snowstorm, school was canceled, so I got to stay home and enjoy the snow with the boys! Sam stayed home for a little bit in the morning, hoping that the road to his work would be closed and he wouldn't have to go in either, but no such luck! He did get to stay home and play in the snow with the boys for a little bit, but unfortunately he did miss most of the fun. While he was gone to work, Jaden and I played in the snow for a lot of the afternoon. We made snow angels, I pushed him across the snow in our little sand sled, and we tried making a snowman, but the snow was too soft. He even found a sponge in the backyard and decided it was the perfect opportunity to clean his Radioflyer car.

Later that day when Sam got home from work, he was excited to hear about our snow day, and was terribly disappointed that he missed out on all the fun! He mentioned that he had talked to his dad on the phone and his dad wondered how the boys liked the snow, and if he and Jaden had a snowball fight. Sam then proceeded to tell me the explanation he gave his dad about why he didn't think it was appropriate to teach Jaden to have a snowball fight. It went something like this... "We don't want Jaden throwing snowballs because he is still too little to be able to separate the appropriateness of throwing a snowball at someone versus throwing a ball/rock/toy, etc. at someone..." I listened very intently to Sam's explanation, which felt like a role reversal for a minute there, sounding like something I would typically be telling him while he was letting Jaden throw rocks in the yard or something.

And then, I asked Sam if he wanted to see the pictures I took of us playing in the snow that day. Here's some of what he saw.....

Oops! Bad mommy! But you can't have your first snow day, and not have a snowball fight, right?? I guess we should have had the "No throwing snowballs!" discussion before Sam went to work. Oh well, I'll file that rule away for the next time we have snow (mabye when Elijah's two)!

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