Monday, February 22, 2010

Check Up

Jaden had his three-year-old dental check-up today and I can't believe what a big boy he was! He couldn't wait for me to pick him up from his babysitter and take him to the dentist. He was super excited - strange, I know! But ever since he went to the dentist for the first time when he was a year old, he has always looked forward to his annual check-up! In fact, he probably wouldn't mind a weekly check-up. He loves everything about it (except the waiting part, of course). And the dentist and assistants always love how cooperative he is throughout the whole appointment. This time, he had to have X-Rays taken and sat all by himself in the big chair and did exactly what was asked; then got to sit in the patient chair all by himself...such a big boy! They didn't do baby brushing this time. He got the big boy dentist treatment, complete with the "sucky water hose thing" (I believe that's the formal name for it), while Elijah and I hovered over his mouth, ensuring that there wasn't a cavity to be found. And the good news -- NO CAVITIES!!!

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  1. Good thing that you forbade him from those scary-childhood dentist stories. It is a first step to reality. I admire your kid. Wonderful! Accompanying your kid to a dentist on a regular basis is one big Motherhood points for you. He looks cute there.
    In relation to your post, I want to share a little story:
    One time, my eldest daughter, Mika, 7 years Old, accompanied me during one of my pre-check-ups before having two dental implants. Lexington dentists were amazed of this rarity. According to them, it was their first time to see a little kid accompanying her Mother in a teeth clinic. Never remembered to be afraid! The head dentist even treated my Mika a box of Swiss chocos and a complete dental kit. They said, they liked my daughter so much. It happened in West Columbia. Dentists there still have a private conversation how brave my daughter was. Look, it was ten years ago and still they can't forget what happened!

    I love your post! And looks like your boy is comfortable in there! Thank you!