Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr. Seuss Party -- The PARTY!

Jaden turned 3 on January 18th and we delayed his party until the 31st, hoping that the weather would be perfect for an outdoor party by then. It was our first time having his birthday party at home, and we knew that the only way it would work was if we could have activities for the kids set up outside (we are very fortunate to even be able to plan an outdoor birthday party in the winter!). Well, as luck would have it, it snowed the Thursday before his Sunday birthday party! This motivated Sam to get the garage all cleaned out, just in case (thank you, snow!). We even considered getting a space heater, should we have to move the party indoors. But I had all kinds of fun outdoor activities planned, and I remained optimistic that the weather would do what it usually does here - snow one day and 90 degrees the next. But just in case, I kept telling myself that kids play outside in the snow every day in Canada, so even if it was snowing here, the kids could throw a coat on and head to the backyard. Ha!

Well, lucky for us, my optimism paid off and it was the perfect day for an outdoor party! So the party continued as planned! We set up a mini jumping balloon, crawling tunnel, play slide, rice table (with red and blue rice, to go with the theme), a oobleck table (corn starch and water...fun!), a play dough table, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles! There was plenty for the kids to do and they had a wonderful time! Everyone joked that they could tell I was a preschool teacher!

Jaden had so much fun! It took him a little while to get used to the idea that all of these people were there for him! He played shy for a bit, but then had a blast with all of his little friends. He had a great turnout. There were kids EVERYWHERE -- 17 at least! And Jaden loved his party!

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  1. wow! whoever took those pictures of Jaden opening his presents is such a great photographer! :)