Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funny (and Adorable) Thoughts and Sayings of a Three-Year-Old

Jaden is the funniest little guy I know! He continuoulsy keeps us laughing, thinking, talking, and falling more and more in love with him! He is so much fun to be around and I wish I could record everything he says every single day. Here are a few of his latest...

While sitting behind me in the car and kicking my seat...
"I'm putting my shoes on your chair for you not fall, mom."

While Sam was away for work in Florida, Jaden talked to him on the phone and said, "I want you to bring me a toy and Elijah a big toy for he not choke."

Jaden's cousin Aubrey is five weeks older than Elijah and because she is a little bigger than Elijah and got her first tooth before Elijah did, Jaden seems to see her as closer to his age. One day, he said, "Aubrey has teeth like me, not Elijah. Elijah's little and Aubrey is big like me."

After I picked him up from the babysitter one day, Jaden said...

"I played football with Connor and Addison and Taylor at Mommy Maru's today."
It was a very cold day outside, so I asked, "Inside or outside?"
Jaden said, " was just an invisible football."

"When I grow up, I want to be in the band and play real instruments."

Jaden: "Daddy needs to make good choices."
Me: "Why, what did daddy do?"
Jaden: "He told me, 'Jaden, no!'"

Jaden continues to have numerous future careers planned out...
"Look at all those tractors. They're getting ready to drive to the farm to get salad for us to eat. I want to be a farmer when I grow up and ride a horse."

Jaden: "Mommy, Papa's your dad?"
Me: "Yes..."
Jaden: "I like your dad."

I accidently cut my finger with a knife. Jaden said, "Mom, you're supposed to cut food, not your finger, honey."

We went to one of Jaden's little friend's birthday parties. The treat bag was full of homemade cookies. I didn't realize what was in the bag before we left or I would have asked about peanuts. Needless to say, Jaden tore into the bag as soon as we got in the car and started eating a cookie on the way home. He instantly started acting a bit funny, which made me think "PEANUTS!!" Sure enough, there were peanut butter chips in the cookies. I immediately gave him Benadryl and he fell asleep. When he woke up, he said, "Remember I ate a cookie and got peanut butter in my mouth and then I sleeped and now the peanut butter is gone."

"I'm going to give G-Pop a kiss and then he will feel all better."

While Jaden was playing one day, he announced, "Mom, I don't want to go to time out..." I was confused and wondered if I had said something to make him think he was in trouble. I said, "Why would you be going to time out? You're the best!" Then he said, "Okay, good...then I'm sorry I went to the bathroom in my underwear. Can you change them..."

During story time, Sam playfully layed his head down on Jaden. Jaden said, "This is not a pillow...I'm just a boy."

When Jaden had an accident in his Spiderman underwear..."Spiderman just had a drink."

While in the bathtub practicing naming body parts, I asked Jaden to wash his ankles...
Jaden: "What's that?"
I showed him.
Jaden:"I think I have those too!" Then he found both and was so excited, "I have two!"

"The sun is too shiny. I think it's chasing us."

"Pigs like to roll in mud. I don't because I'm a boy, not a pig."

While passing the exercise equipment at Wal-Mart, Jaden announced, "You need to exercise, mom."

While we were on the way to the airport to pick up daddy from working in Florida...
"I like my daddy all the days. But I do not like my daddy when he goes away. I only like him when he stays."

Every single day since we put our Christmas lights up, until long after we took them down, Jaden loved being out in the evenings just for the excitement of driving back home to see if our lights were one. Every time we got about a block away from our house, he would cover his eyes and say, "I'm gonna close my eyes and you say if the lights are on!"

As Jaden was looking at a picture of my cousins and I from years ago, he was naming each one of us. Then he asked, "How did you guys get in this picture?"

After getting all dressed up for a party, Jaden asked, "Do I look cute?"

My cousin's husband is in the Marine's and Jaden knows that "Helicopter Beto" works with helicopters (actually, he thinks he flies them)...
"Helicopter Beto wears a suit so he can fly a helicopter by himself." Then I explained that Beto works on and fixes the helicopters. Jaden said, "I can fix them now too because I'm three!"

One of Jaden's friends gave him a toy airplane for his birthday. Jaden was so excited to play with it and was very protective of it...
"I don't want this airplane to be broken." Then, as he "read" the writing on the airplane, he said, "This airplane says it is not for stepping on. It's for being careful. And it's not for putting on the kitchen floor."

Jaden: "If I poop in my underwear, will you put me under the rest?"
Me: Very confused..."Will I put you under what???"
Jaden: "Well, sometimes police officers put people under the rest."

Jaden loves his Nana and Papa's dog, Sasha and frequently reminds me that we don't have a dog at our house. One day he asked...
"Mom, can we use Sasha?"
Me: "Use Sasha for what?"
Jaden: "For our house?"

While holding a new helicopter that Nana gave him...
"I told my friend Taylor that my grandma gave this to me."

While in the car, Jaden was giggling about the noises that Elijah was making. I told Jaden that Elijah was blowing raspberries. Jaden said, "No, I think they're strawberries."

One morning, i woke up with hugely frizzy hair. Jaden said, "Your hair looks like a lion when you're sleeping, mommy...I like lions."

While eating some Cheerios, Jaden found two that were stuck together. He asked why they were stuck, then answered his own question...
"Oh I know - they want to be friends."

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