Monday, May 10, 2010

Easter 2010 (Elijah's First!)

The Easter bunnies (my mom, sister, and I) stayed up very very late getting three Easter baskets ready for each of the kids! It was so much fun and I felt like a child waiting up for the Easter bunny myself because I couldn't wait for the kids to get up and find their baskets early the next morning. Of course, Jaden was the only one who really understood the excitement and absolutely couldn't wait! Aubrey was excited just to see that Jaden was at Nana and Papa's house that morning. And Elijah decided he would sleep in late Easter morning and let Jaden and Aubrey have their fun so that he could have an Easter basket "solo performance" later that morning!

Jaden's at such a wonderful age where every holiday and event is that much more fun and special because he is beginning to share in the excitement, experience the traditions, and looks forward to every family opportunity!

Coloring Easter eggs with Aunt Melissa.

The Easter baskets!! When my brother, sister and I were little, I remember that the Easter "bunny" always hid our baskets somewhere around the house and we were given clues to help us find them. We continued that special tradition with the kids this year and hid their baskets in different places around my mom and dad's house, along with clues for Jaden to help lead the way in finding them.

Discovering all of the goodies that were in his Easter baskets.
Aubrey loving all of the goodies in her first Easter baskets (in her adorable flower tiara that Jaden picked out for her at the Farmer's Market).

More baskets!!

Elijah finally joined the Easter basket party! And he was glad he did! The Easter bunny brought him so much fun stuff!

Helping Nana peeling (and eat) the beautiful eggs he colored the night before.
Jaden's solo Easter egg hunt. Next year his brother and cousin will be out there with him (instead of inside napping).

Elijah ended the afternoon doing his most favorite thing - swinging!

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