Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elijah's First Birthday

For Elijah's first birthday dinner, we let Jaden pick the place. Any guesses on what his choice was?? Well, he felt very strongly that there was no other choice but Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate Elijah's first birthday. Isn't that where every one-year-old wants to be the evening of their first birthday? So, Chuck-E-Cheese, here we come!

Elijah with his Aunt Angie and cousin Aubrey, who just turned 1 a month earlier.

Checking out the huge mechanical mouse. Jaden won't go near that thing and has to be reminded each time we go to CEC that it is only a robot.

Big one-year-old cousins, Aubrey and Elijah!

And the most wonderful Big Brother any little guy could ask for.

Elijah and Aubrey taking a ride in the Chuck-E car.

Elijah and Jaden going for a ride with Chuck-E.

Looks like Lijah won the Jackpot!

Precious brothers! I think there are many moments like these still to come!

Cake time! Elijah can hardly wait to get his hands on that thing! I was wishing I had made that sugar free Banana and Applesauce cake that I'll be making for his birthday party!

Finally got his hands in it! I was having terrible flashbacks to the night of Jaden's first birthday. He was up crying all night with a tummy ache after all of the green icing he had on his first birthday cake - the first time he had ever really had sugar!

Making sure to get every last crumb...

I see a sugar crash coming on! Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy!

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