Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garden Update...

We have WATERMELONS (or some kind of melon)!!! I am so excited!! Aren't the flowers beautiful! I usually go out and water in the afternoon and was concerend because all of the flowers had been closing up. But one morning, I went out early in the morning to water and was so pleasantly surprised to see all of these beautiful flowers open and taking in the morning sun!

This was our first watermelon to start growing, so I am going to take pictures of it often, as it changes shape and size. Jaden is excitedly watching it grow and change, and can't wait to eat it! I thought it'd be fun to print all of the pictures for him to put in order and make a little memory book of his watermelon plant!

Here it is on June 19th:

And again on June 21st! It's growing so fast!


June 25:

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