Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project Playroom!

Now that I am off for the summer, let the summer projects begin! I decided that am going to redo the playroom and spruce it up a little. I am going to move some of the toys into storage, get rid of some of the shelving, hopefully get some new shelving (if not, then paint the ones we've got), paint one of the walls, and get some new fun stuff...on a budget, mind you! Here are some playroom pictures that have insired me!

Love the yellow wall color, alphabet decals, and chalkboard wall stickers. (Land of Nod)

Love everything about this room! I want to find a similar world map wall hanging that isn't as expensive. I found floor cushions like these on Etsy for half the price! I love love love the rug and combination of colors. Might even make a pape chain! (Land of Nod)

This is the color that I want to do the playrom shelving...I think. (Land of Nod)

Love the three hanging art boards. (Pottery Barn Kids)

I am torn betwee painting the wall yellow or green like this. I have lots of black picture frames with white mats and white furniture and love the way this looks. (Bungalow Insanity)

I love this blue tree! I have been looking for tree wall decals and have found some similar ones. I also love the blue couch, star accents, and combination of colors.

I am going to try to recreate a version of the hanging candelier using paper lanters instead. We'll see! I also really like the bulletin board that is above the shelves. (Pottery Barn Kids)

Shoud be fun! I have one little helper already ready to start painting!

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