Friday, June 4, 2010

I Spy...

Jaden is recently very into playing "I Spy." He wants to play in the car, at restaurants, at the grocery store, and even at home. I think it's great becasue he practices color recognition and vocabulary. However, he tends to play like it a little like Tuke and Rutt in the movie Brother Bear. Here's a recent version of one of our games.

J: "I spy"
Me: "The tree?"
J: "Yep! Your turn."

Me: "I spy something red."
J: "The car?"
Me: "No, try again."
J: "The red light?"
Me: "Yes, you got it, your turn!"

J: "I spy"
Me: "That building?"
J: "Nope."
M: "The trees?"
J: "Yep! Your turn."

Me: "I spy something blue."
J: "The sky?"
Me: "Yes! Your turn."

J: "I spy"
Me: "The . . . t r e e s??"
J: "Yep! You got it!"

Such a silly little guy! I think it's so adorable when kids are first learning the concept of these games! He's also attempting "Knock knock" jokes recently. Pretty much goes the same way as his "I Spy" games, except it's always a potato at his door. Don't ask me why!

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  1. This is how Lance plays... and we play it often, too. :) It is kind of like hide and seek- same places each time.