Friday, June 25, 2010

An Unexpected Water Day

Our day began with the boys going outside to "help" me to water the yard, which turned into a very enexpected water day -- in pajamas! And why not...that's the fun part about summer, right!

Jaden did everything he could to make sure the water from the sprinkler not only watered the yard, but that it also soaked every last square inch of his body, making sure not to leave a bit dry. He went back through several times, just to be sure that he wouldn't be dry any time soon. He had water sqishing out of the sides of his shoes, dripping off the ends of his eyelashes, and even coming out of his ears. I'm pretty sure we could have filled our swimming pool just by wringing out his clothes and dumping out his shoes. Elijah was content playing with the water in the water table, while watching his silly brother and contemplating whether that looked like more fun...

...and i guess it eventually did. Elijah decided to abandon the water table and got in on the sprinkler action. I think his main plan was getting to the watermelon, but he didn't mind getting soaked in the process. Much to his disappointment, the watermelon wouldn't come detached. And by wringing out the water from his soaked clothes, I'm pretty sure we would have been able to water the garden for a week.

Next was soaking wet car and bike riding, which would normally be a good way to dry off, but with the amount of water in these jammies, it didn't even turn them from soaked to damp.

And eventually, all of this water fun led to stripping down, leaving the wet clothes outside, and going inside for popsicles (because there's nothing a mother appreciates more than kids eating popsicles without their clothes on -- well, maybe a few things, but this is definitely up there on the list)!

One of the many joys of summer with two awesome little guys!


  1. summer is fun like that, anything goes. Looks like Elijah is getting more mobile! And jealous of your garden. After closer inspection looks like we had some little bug problem... wish we could see you guys this summer!

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Your boys are DARLING! Oh my goodness, I love that dark curly hair! Congrats! Hope to see you more in the future!