Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

It was about 1:30 in the afternoon and according to my calculations, Elijah would be up in about an hour to eat. This gave me just enough time to pump a bottle of milk, shower, and get ready to go. I was taking him to my school to meet some of my teacher friends and to surprise my EA for her birthday celebration with the "girls." I was hurrying to get everything ready to go when Elijah started crying. I ran downstairs to put the bottle of milk that I had pumped into the fridge and on the way, I grabbed a couple of empty cups off the table and threw them into the sink. I fed Elijah and got him ready to go, hoping we'd make it to my school before the party was over (teacher's don't party for too long after a long school day...unless it involves alcohol :o). But I also was trying to plan my arrival so that most of the staff would be gone and Elijah wouldn't be touched by so many people. We got there just in time for Elijah to make a brief appearance, and didn't stay too long because we were picking up Jaden on the way home. The first thing Jaden always asks for after I pick him up is a drink. So when we got home, I grabbed him a cup and went right to the fridge to get him some juice. And the first thing I noticed when I opened the refrigerator was one of Jaden's almost-empty sippy cups sitting on the shelf - one of the cups that I had grabbed off the table and put into the sink earlier in my rush to get ready to go...or so I thought!I also noticed that the bottle of milk that I had pumped was NOT in the refrigerator. I'm sure you can guess where the bottle of milk was...yep, it was in the sink! I know the saying goes, "Don't cry over spilt milk," but believe me, I wanted to. There's something about a wasted bottle of precious breastmilk that makes a girl just want to cry. And if I wasn't laughing at myself, I definitely would have been in tears!

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