Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Have Money?

I'm a little embarassed to admit that my 2-year-old goes around asking people for money, but he does. And I swear I didn't teach him this (although I will admit it's nice having the extra income)! His obsession with money started when he discovered the pockets on his clothes. I'm not exactly sure how or why he decided that it was money that he needed to fill his pockets with; but once he discovered that the pockets didn't come already full of money, he knew what had to be done...and he's good at it. He very simply and honestly asks, "Mom (or whoever the lucky person may be), you have money?" And while it initially catches most people off guard, it's impossible to resist the adorable innocence that he displays when he's asking. We all fumble through our pockets, purses, even piggy banks just to find a coin for Jaden to fill his pockets with. Its amazing how it works. I've tried to tell him that it's not nice to ask people for money, but of course he doesn't understand the concept of money or why it's impolite. So meanwhile, he continues to fill his pockets with pennies, nickels, dimes, Chuck-E-Cheese tokens, whatever - he accepts all kinds. And he is so attached to the money that it becomes part of his play routine everyday; it even makes it into the bathtub every evening. We jokingly told him to ask his Papa Sam for some "Benjamin's" - then we may eventually be able to take that trip to Disney World that we've been hoping for!

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