Monday, May 25, 2009

Wine-less Wine Festival

Every year we go to the Southern New Mexico Wine Festival, and it seems like I haven't actually been able to have a drink at it for the past three years. And get this, you have to pay the full price for your wine glass, whether you're drinking or not (and it doesn't even include a free non-alcoholic beverage)! But that's obviously not keeping us from going because we love it so much that we went again this year, despite my inability to participate in the drinking festivities. And I take back my comment about it being three years since I've been able to use my $14 dollar wine glass...last year I think we managed to get to the wine festival at a time when I wasn't nursing or pregnant. But year after year, it seems like I've had my wine glass filled up with more water than wine, and I've come to love my job as the designated driver. But don't feel sorry for me. My bowl of chocolate covered strawberries more than made up for the wine I was missing out on.

Sam, Jaden, Papa Sam, and Bengy

The combination of loud music and a bumpy stroller ride put Elijah right to wine (or whine) for him!

Just water for Jaden. And later a snow cone - it was a special day!

But Bengy and Sam, on the other hand, got wine SLUSHIES! The very reason why I love the wine festival so much. They were sure to let me know what I was missing out on... I watched in envy, drinking my lemonade.

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