Monday, May 18, 2009

Shoo Fly!

I got the boys packed up in the car this morning for an errand and as I started to back out of the driveway, Jaden announced that there was a bug on my seat! Slightly nervous, my first thought was that there was a huge roach crawling on the back of my seat, headed right for me. I tried to remain calm and asked Jaden where the bug was. He was looking and looking and then said "I don't know. I not see it now." I then had two thoughts: either it was nothing, or I should pull over and make it isn't something! Then Jaden yelled "There's the bug! Look mom!" As I was driving, I was desperately trying to see this bug. I finally saw the big scary bug in the rearview mirror as Jaden giggled beause it was on him! I should have known it was only a pesky fly. For the remainder of the car ride, Jaden was either asking me where the bug was, or was showing me where the bug was (and was insistent that I look every single time that he spotted the thing, all the while, driving, mind you). I tried to act like I was even the slightest bit amused by this bug, just to support his obvious fascination with it. But eventually, I coudn't take this fly flying around me as I was trying to drive, so I rolled down the window a couple of times and said "shoo fly," trying to get the annoying fly out of the car. Apparrenly Jaden thought that when I said "shoo fly," I was calling the fly by name because when we got back in the car after our errand, he asked me "Where'd the shoofly go mom? I like shooflies!" He then proceeded to name all of the other things that he also likes, "I like horses...I like tractors...I like sharks..." The list went on and on. And he ended it with his new favorite, "...and I like shooflies, mom!"

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  1. He is really cute! I am amazed at every new thing he can do daily.