Monday, May 4, 2009

Pink Eye Free (knock on wood)!!

For the past 3+ weeks, we've had what seemed like a pink eye epidemic in our house! It started with Jaden on Thursday, April 9th. He got over it pretty quickly. But by Monday the 13th, I woke up and I could tell immediately that I had gotten it. I panicked a little bit because this was also the day of my prenatal appointment to determine whether I would be induced this week (and possibly this day - due to health reasons)! I went to an urgent care clinic first thing in the morning to get something for my eyes. I was very fashionable, wearing my sunglasses to my prenatal appointment later that afternoon. Our midwife went ahead and scheduled an induction for that Friday, the 17th, so I thought that was perfect and would give me plenty of time to get my pink eye cleared up. After the appointment, I kept questioning whether I should have postponed the induction until the following week, just in case my pink eye didn't go away soon enough. Can you imagine...I never thought I would be "scheduling" my own child's birth. It seemed so silly to think in this way and to consider "postponing" it, like it was a casual business meeting or something. Not to mention that I could have easily gone into labor at any moment, with or without pink eye! Anyway, luckily after a couple of days, my pink eye cleared up...just in time for Jaden to get it again! I couldn't believe it. Sam went out and bought several bottles of hand sanitizer and Lysol spray and we kept one in every room of the house and were cleaning like crazy. Well unfortunately it wasn't good enough because on Thursday morning, I woke up with pink eye in my other eye. It was miserable. So on Friday, labor day, I was applying eye drops diligently in between contractions, worried sick that the baby might catch it from me. To make a long story short (kind of), this pink eye, or the "gift that keeps on giving," as the doctor called it, kept on giving. After Jaden got over it, I got it again; then he got it again...and yes...Elijah got it too! Poor baby, only 1 1/2 weeks old and we were having to apply eye drops to his goopy little eyes that were stuck shut! His went from one eye to the other and Sam obsessively reminded me not to clean both of his eyes with the same washcloth...not to touch my face...not to touch wash my hands.......And finally, after more than three weeks, we are all pink eye free (knock on wood)!!

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